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Withdrawals and refunds

Notice of withdrawal of any candidate who cannot be present for an exam must be sent in writing with an explanation of the reason, immediately the inability to attend is known, and no later than the day of the exam. This should be sent to the office where the original entry was sent.

Provided this is done, and the withdrawal is made necessary by some unavoidable and unpredictable event (such as illness or injury, which should be supported by documentary evidence such as a medical certificate), half of the entry fee may be refunded. As an alternative, at ABRSM's discretion, a re-entry voucher may be issued entitling the candidate to enter again, for the same subject and at the same or a higher grade, for an exam to be taken within one year of the original exam session. A candidate entered on a re-entry voucher is required to pay only the difference between the full fee for the selected grade at the time of re-entry and the value of the voucher. Re-entry vouchers cannot be subsequently exchanged for cash.

A candidate re-entered on a voucher and again absent is not entitled to any further concession.

A candidate who is withdrawn from an exam may be re-entered in the next exam session, if the last date of entry has not passed. In such cases, a new entry and full payment (or re-entry voucher, if applicable) must be submitted, as entry details/payment cannot be transferred from one Period to the next.

A candidate in quarantine for any infection must be withdrawn. If exams are cancelled owing to quarantine, alternative appointments/fee refunds may be offered at ABRSM’s discretion.


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